About Us

We see that one of the most basic needs of human beings from ancient times until today is the need for shelter.

When we look at the history of our country for the last 50 years, it is possible to say that most of the superstructures and especially the residences do not have sufficient strength, aesthetic features and usefulness.

But our thriving construction sector, Turkey is situated in the light of technological and legal regulations have now reached the heights will be the envy of many countries around the world.
Imperium Real Estate and Construction Inc. is a real estate investment and construction company established by the partners of one of the leading companies in the recent history of our country, especially in housing production.

The primary purpose of our company is to benefit the economy of our country by creating quality, aesthetic, useful and robust works while continuing housing or other superstructure construction activities.

Best regards,

Av. Tahsin Arda AKÇALI Av. Tahsin Arda AKÇALI