Our Ethics Policy

Through the adoption of highest-level of ethical standards, any discriminative or unethical behaviors have strictly not been tolerated. Within this framework, all employees have been expected to comply with the Codes of Conduct Agreement defining the ethical standards and principles as well as the findings of monitoring and auditing mechanisms have been taken into consideration during the performance assessment and career development processes of employees. Besides its employees, Imperium also expects its suppliers, subcontractors and other stakeholders to act in accordance with such ethical values.

The principles establishing its fundamental ethical values and constituting the basis of its Codes of Conduct Agreement are defined as follows;

- Working honestly and without prejudice and competing fairly,

- Acting in accordance with fairness, reliability, honesty and transparency in business relationship,

- Treating all employees equally, honorably and respectfully,

- Conducting the activities in line with highest standards about health and safety,

- Establishing relationship with all business partners on the basis of confidence and confidentiality