Our Story

In the 1960s, the need for housing in our country began to increase. The socio-economic changes that emerged with industrialization, the acceleration of urbanization and migration to big cities accelerated the construction industry in housing construction.

However, the transition to a planned housing production was not easy with the facilities in those years. Without inadequate facilities and engineering services, the housing needs of our country were being tried to be met in an uncontrolled manner by companies that made profitability their only goal.

A rapid process of squatting and unplanned construction started in big cities that received immigration, especially in Istanbul, and this situation brought along other problems that would arise years later...

All these developments led to the need for a brand that would develop and implement a vision in the field of mass housing.

Just in those days, a visionary team of people with common goals and different abilities who could imagine beyond the period they were in, would break new ground in the construction industry with the innovations they produced, were coming together in the rows of the METU Faculty of Architecture. MESA, which will become Turkey's most reliable and distinguished housing brand in the following years, was embarking on a long journey in partnership with a group of hardworking young architects and engineers, including Master Architect Özhan Akçalı.

This understanding, which prioritizes commercial gain and making it a priority to be beneficial to the country and its people, revealed the difference of the management team that made up MESA. With an understanding that puts people and the environment in its focus, innovative, accessible and contemporary living spaces were produced, and works that had not been done before were undersigned. Ankara MESA Koru Sitesi, Turkey's first satellite city project, was implemented in 1985. The journey that started in Ankara continued for 50 years in different regions of the world, especially in Turkey, Libya, Russia, Germany, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Latvia and Poland, with successive successes.

Master Architect Özhan Akçalı, one of the founders of the structure that brought this culture to our country with the sale of MESA shares and the separation of partners in 2015, nearly 50 years after its establishment, together with Tahsin Arda Akçalı in 2016, in order to make a fresh start and transfer his knowledge to the new generation. They established Real Estate and Construction Inc.

Rolling up their sleeves with their colleagues, with whom they have worked for many years, in the Mesa Group, they started to work with undiminished excitement and passion to produce living spaces that befit their people and their country, to provide employment opportunities, and to benefit our country's economy by creating quality, aesthetic, useful and durable works. .

They have determined as their main principle to be known as a company that is trusted, fulfills its promises on time and completely, adopts a transparent management approach, attaches importance to supplier quality and prioritizes customer satisfaction. They did not sign any project that does not include an innovative perspective and social benefit.

Today, Imperium Gayrimenkul ve İnşaat A.Ş continues its commercial activities strongly by constantly renewing, developing and developing itself with this brand heritage and corporate culture it carries in its genes, and by maintaining the exemplary values it has taken from the MESA culture.